Urban Design Division

  • Plan and review urban design
  • Plan and review urban renovation
  • Landscape planning
  • Urban development strategy and special project planning
  • Integrate and Coordinate rural image planning affairs
  • Urban development information
  • Community Planner system

Urban Planning Division

  • Urban planning
  • Urban management
  • Building line indication
  • Urban planning measuring affairs

Building Administration Division

  • Review and issue building permit
  • Review and issue miscellaneous permit
  • Review and issue building occupation permit
  • Review and issue demolition permit
  • Review and issue deformed land permit
  • Architect License management affairs
  • Construction industry management affairs
  • Construction management affairs
  • Construction of open space case review
  • Integration of relevant law
  • Construction permit preliminary review

Building Occupation Management Division

  • Building occupation Management
  • Squatter hut management
  • Perform demolition of squatter hut
  • Advertisement billboard management
  • Management of building structure and facility safety 
  • Review and evaluate compensation caused by demolition and relocation
  • Joint inspection with district office to appraise agriculture land and usage
  • Safety inspection of hillside resident community
  • Review and issue deemed legal housing permit

Public Housing Division

  • First timer low-interest rate housing loan
  • Subsidiary loan for citizen purchasing public housing
  • Self-builder loan
  • Available public housing loan balance 
  • Public housing loan principal and interest
  • Review and issue public housing resale certification
  • Mortgage lien cancellations Affairs
  • Cancellation of public housing registration affairs
  • Transformation of public housing property right application affairs
  • Manage and maintain public housing community
  • Repair and maintain public housing community facilities

Parks Management Division

National and regional spatial planning
  • Metropolitan area and cross-county regional development issues.
  • Urban development outline and space development plan.
  • National spatial planning and Review.
  • New or expanded urban planning.
National/City spatial planning management
  • Proposed revision of the regulations on spatial planning.
  • City spatial Planning Administration.
  • Handling the land use permit review.
  • Handling city spatial plan violations.
  • Functional zone classification and land use query system.